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I am happy to share suggestions and tips about routes, guides and restaurants to make your stay in Matera an authentic experience. I will be happy to personally show you a map and suggest nice routes and alleys to walk in the Sassi or in the region of Basilicata. I will also recommend you a wide range of taverns, delis and restaurants with varied price ranges: the criteria I like to use are courtesy, a good reception level, quality of raw materials and for sure, taste must hit you right in the heart! For the most curious people, I suggest visiting craftsman’s shops, I will help my guests with the research of any services and facilities during their stay and to bring home a good dose of genuineness, putting them in contact with local producers to buy organic food, zero KM and seasonal food. I can help you buy local, as you would do at home.

Via XX Settembre, 51 Matera
Tel: +39 0835333652


You cannot leave from Matera without trying the “panzerotto” and this is the best place where to experience it.


Piazza Cesare Firrao, 25 Matera
Tel: +39 327 440 5292

Malto & Luppolo

If you are tired of the bright lights of the historical center try to make a step out and you’ll find this little and welcoming beer place. Mimmo is so passionate about beer and he will help you to choose among 200 hundred labels. We love the sandwiches with local ingredients.


Piazza Sedile, 15 Matera
Tel: +39 3393907068


Arturo in person will be here to make you a nice warm panino with local wine or (available upon order) a delicious cheese and cold cut meat tasting.


Via delle Beccherie, 42 Matera
Tel: +39 0835332731

Zio Ninì

For a quick meal, you’ll find here good quality ingredients and wine and an accurate service.


Via San Biagio 37, Matera
Tel: +39 3207019634

Materia Prima Bistrot

In one of the most charming small square it’s a pleasure to get lost in a delicious new interpretation of local flavours.


Via San Biagio, 45 Matera
Tel: +39 3312887242

Osteria Malatesta

If you want to feel at home in a very easy-going osteria, you should try Massimo’s kitchen. You’ll find tap water, house wine and sometimes live music.


Via Bruno Buozzi, 24 Matera
Tel: +39 3400541179

Pane e Pomodoro

This is a little restaurant in the Sassi where you’ll find local meat, pasta and some local dish.


Via Lucana, 48 Matera
Tel: +39 0835336117

Trattoria Lucana

Just a step out of the historical center you’ll find this simple trattoria with authentic flavours, a real institution in Matera.


Via Ridola, 17 Matera
Tel: +39 3662856731

Al falco Grillaio

You’ll find Murgia’s flavors in this osteria and pizzeria that welcomes you in well-finished interiors and a beautiful dehor on a pedestrian area.


Via delle Beccherie, 15 Matera
Tel: +39 3495715825

La Gattabuia

For a special dinner spoil yourself with a selection of seasonal, local and well presented food and great wine in a casual and beautiful location.

Tel: +393286457257

Alessio Leardi Tour

Alessio is great guide to let you experience the magic of Murgia – be sure to book at least two days in advance.

Tel: +39 3287666621

Matera Tour Guide Tour

The best guided tour in a group, just small groups with care, professionality and flexible time frame.

Tel: +39 3931772506

ApeVito Tour

The best guided tour in a group, just small groups with care, professionality and flexible time frame.


Tel: +39 3402750180

Mimma Giovinazzo Tour

Mimma sets experiences and gets you to the Murgia in a language between scientific and humanistic with a particular attention to the little ones.


Via San Pietro in Caveoso, 6 Matera
Tel: +39 0835310824

Al Jalil Yoga and Meditation Relax

Lia gives you bio-energetics treatments, yoga lessons, meditation lessons, couple tantra and much more for your spirit and soul.


Via Fiorentini, 71 Matera
Tel: +39 0835 256600

Locanda di San Martino Relax

why is special: take a bath, sauna and hydromassage in this amazing “romanae thermae” and just forget everything else. Book in advance.


Agriturismo L’Assiolo

Via Torquato Tasso, 30 Matera
Tel: +39 3923782510

Matera Cooking Class

Learn how to prepare local food with Silvia in a beautiful farm. If needed pick up in town.


Via Domenico Ridola, 77 Matera
Tel: +39 3498149993


You’ll find the best selection of local and international food for a reasonable price in a little supermarket, if you’re lucky you’ll meet big Mimmo.


Piazza del Sedile, 28 Matera
Tel: +39 0835330683

Supermercati Divella

You can buy local food to make your local experience and cook at home.


Piazza Ascanio Persio, Matera

Mercato centrale

Make your local experience meeting some local farmers (not all the stalls sell local food, here you’ll also find bread, focaccia, fish and meat.


Via del Corso, 22 Matera
Tel: +39 0835334071


In this little bakery you can by the best focaccia of Matera. Don't expect a light meal.


Via Marconi Piazza Mercato Box, 28 Matera
Tel: +39 3281310458

La Bottega del Vicinato

Meeting Saverio is a must. Located in Piccianello’s market square you can find the best selection of local cheese, cold cut meet, local flour and much more. He only supports local little farms.


Via Ridola, 36 Matera
Tel: +39 0835310637

I Vizi degli Angeli

The best artisanal icecream in town.


Via delle Beccherie, 83 Matera
Tel: +39 3487929213

Laboratorio di progettualità

Patrizia gives new life to materials reusing and recycling in a very original and creative way.


Piazza del Sedile, 19 Matera
Tel: +39 0835331857


Marco Brunetti deals with the entire manufacturing process of different varieties of the traditional whistle shaped in the form of a small cock, “the cuccù”.


Via Rosario, 31/32 Matera
Tel: +39 3293655168

Crea che Ricrea

Once you arrive in Angela’s shop you will feel all the warmth of the wool and the creativity of this fairy-knitter.


Via Casalnuovo, 94 Matera
Tel: +39 3337025298

Officine Frida

In via Casalnuovo you’ll find a wonderful atelier where Mariella has joined with style the reuse of fabrics and the restoring of traditions.


Via B. Buozzi, 89 Matera
Tel: +39 0835311136

Materia Design Handmade

Lela and Michele work silver and wood creating some amazing jewels and artworks.


Via B. Buozzi, 79 Matera
Tel: +39 3201839947

Arte decorativa

Maristella has been one of the first artisans to work the calcarenite with her own hands in Matera, and you can see the difference!


Via B. Buozzi, 57 Matera
Tel: +39 3398994775

L’Arte del restauro

If you’re bread making lovers you can’t leave here Giuseppe’s bread stamps.